MicroStrategy has invested more than US $1 billion in bitcoin, and asset digitization is accelerating

On April 30, according to ZB Research Institute, MicroStrategy, a US listed company, released its financial report for the first quarter of 2021.According to the financial report, in the first quarter of 2021, it purchased about 20857 bitcoins with a total price of US $1086 million, with an average purchase price of US $52087 each.

Similarly, in the first quarter of 2021, China Meitu company also purchased about US $100 million of bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets when the single bitcoin was worth about US $50000. With more and more enterprises layout cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency has gradually become an indispensable part of enterprise asset allocation, and enterprise asset digitization is accelerating. The enthusiasm of institutions and enterprises for digital assets will directly lead to the continuous rise in the value of cryptocurrency, and indirectly raise the threshold for ordinary investors to invest in digital assets. According to ZB Research Institute, the competition between institutions, enterprises and ordinary investors in the digital asset market will become increasingly fierce with the increase of cryptocurrency value.

On the policy side, on April 30, ZB Research Institute learned that at the first international monetary and financial official forum digital currency seminar held on Thursday, Mu Changchun, director of the digital currency Research Institute of the central bank, delivered a speech on the latest development of digital RMB, and disclosed the development roadmap of digital RMB e-cny and the construction plan of the cooperation ecosystem with the private sector. Mr Mu said the digital renminbi would accept more private companies as its ecological members, but must comply with and meet regulatory requirements.This shows that in China’s blockchain market, China’s private blockchain enterprises will get more opportunities to participate in the development process of digital RMB.

The SNB is planning its first digital currency test with another country or region, Thomas Moser, vice chairman of the SNB board, said on Thursday.Central banks all over the world hope to launch central bank digital currency in the next few years, but the key question is whether they can trade and exchange abroad without any obstacles.

In terms of cryptocurrency applications, it was reported on April 30 that Mercado Libre, a Latin American e-commerce giant, now allows its customers to use bitcoin to buy selected real estate from real estate agents.The company offers seven agents who accept bitcoin as the only payment method, selling 75 properties.

Coinbase now allows U.S. users to buy cryptocurrency using paypal.According to the exchange’s setup page, coinbase users can now use PayPal to buy up to $25000 of cryptocurrency per day, and they will pay nearly 4% of the exclusive fee for PayPal.Coinbase said in its blog that it plans to expand PayPal’s purchasing capabilities to “more countries” in the coming months.It is reported that since 2016, coinbase has provided PayPal selling function for us users, and has supported withdrawal function since the end of 2018.

In the field of NFT, Christie’s, the world’s top auction house, will soon auction nine crypto punk NFTs valued at US $7 million to US $9 million, it was reported on the 30th.

On the market, according to the confirmation of ZB Research Institute, on Wednesday, JPMorgan Chase recognized the value of Ethereum in a report and said that Ethereum has performed significantly better than bitcoin since early April. JPMorgan Chase pointed out in the report that there is a big difference between Ethereum and bitcoin.Bitcoin is more like an encryption commodity than money, and is linked to gold, which belongs to the value storage assets.Ethereum is the pillar of cryptocurrency ecological economy, and acts as a medium of exchange in the ecology.

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