The NFT track has suddenly started, and the perspective of the global cryptocurrency market has changed!

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4 min readAug 9, 2021


On August 9th, according to statistics from ZB Research Institute based on relevant information from the Securities Times, since 2021, more than 60 projects in the NFT industry have received financing, involving infrastructure, trading platforms, games, sports and other subdivision tracks. The financing time is mainly concentrated in the second quarter of 2021.

According to the comprehensive statistics of the ZB Research Institute, a total of 770 financings occurred in the global blockchain industry, of which 543 disclosed specific financing amounts, with a total financing of 76.95 billion yuan, exceeding the same period last year. In terms of the amount of financing in the subdivisions, a total of 625 financings occurred in DeFi, NFT and other industries, accounting for more than 81%. Among them, the number of DeFi track financing exceeded 200, and the expansion technology and solution scenario received 97 financings, accounted for 12.6%. The number of financing in the two major scenarios of blockchain bottom and infrastructure, industrial services and related supporting facilities is relatively small, 21 and 27 respectively.

In terms of financing rounds, there were 724 rounds of financing in the first half of the year and before round a, with the largest proportion of strategic investment. The number of financing in round B and after round B occurred only 46 in the first half of the year.

ZB Research Institute believes that the sudden force of NFT and DeFi shows that the perspective of the global encryption market is changing. Compared with cryptocurrencies that generate value based on public chains and services, NFT and DeFi have the characteristics of asset lightweight. Therefore, traditional industries around the world are more willing to choose NFT and DeFi track as the entry point of blockchain layout under the situation that policies tend to be regulated. According to ZB’s relevant statistics, the total lock up volume of the DeFi protocol has returned to above US $100 billion.

On August 9th, ZB learned that the official microblog of Audi said, “on August 10, NFT will usher in new players. Guess what surprises it will bring?” Some analysts believe that an Audi model will be linked with NFT dream.

Another manifestation of the shift of cryptocurrency market perspective is that the compliance process of most cryptocurrency enterprises is still difficult.

On August 9th, the financial supervision authority of Singapore (MAS) revealed that MAS has received 170 applications for digital payment token (DPT) licenses from service providers and has notified a number of digital payment service providers that they will obtain licenses to operate in Singapore. ZB analysts said that this development will increase the number of various encryption companies moving to Singapore and consolidate its position as a leading encryption financial center in Asia.

On August 9th, the Bank of Korea said in the report on the possibility of mode conversion of the financial sector brought by digital innovation that encrypted assets (cryptocurrency) are different from legal tender, and some of them are used for restrictive purposes in the private field, which will continue to be concerned as a means of investment and speculation. What is worrying is whether private crypto assets such as Bitcoin can replace the role of legal tender in the future. Among encrypted assets, stablecoins designed to maintain the stablecoin related to legal currencies are likely to be used in the encrypted asset ecosystem and the virtual world, as well as remittances between countries. Regarding DeFi, the report said that in the short term, financial intermediation through financial companies will remain in the general transaction form. With the proliferation of the digital economy, the role of DeFi will continue to expand.

In the North American market, the U.S. Senate began sorting out a series of proposed amendments to the $550 billion infrastructure plan on Saturday. Before passing the infrastructure bill, the Senate will have to face an outstanding struggle: two amendments aimed at solving the cryptocurrency transaction report and tax payment.

In the Chinese market, blockchain group (00364. HK) announced that according to the letter dated August 5, 2021 issued by the stock exchange, the listing status of the company’s shares will be cancelled according to article 6.01A of the rules.

ZB Research Institute believes that compared with the cryptocurrency field where compliance is more difficult, NFT and DEFI are more active at present, but in terms of blockchain technology itself, cryptocurrency still occupies the mainstream of the market in a short time. The blockchain financial derivatives track still needs further development to keep pace with the traditional cryptocurrency field.



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