ZB Academy:The number of weekly tweets containing the word “Bitcoin” reached a new high this month

The popularity of Bitcoin has been heating up since the end of 2020, especially after the total market value of Bitcoin exceeded one trillion US dollars. According to data collected by The Block Research, the number of weekly tweets containing the word “Bitcoin” reached a new high this month. In the week ending February 14th, approximately 675,000 tweets contained the word “Bitcoin”, a figure which is an increase of 17.13% from the previous peak that occurred in mid-January. As of press time, according to ZB.com’s official market data, Bitcoin is currently trading at $56,505, a 24-hour increase of 0.87%, and the 24-hour price range is between $55,783 and $58,329.

According to news on February 19, MicroStrategy has raised a huge amount of $1.05 billion in Bitcoin through the sale of convertible bonds. The total principal of the notes sold in this issuance is $1.05 billion, including the total principal of the notes issued under the purchase option of $150 million. MicroStrategy estimates that after deducting the initial purchaser’s discounts and commissions and MicroStrategy’s expected issuance costs, the net proceeds from the sale of bonds will be approximately $1.03 billion. The company intends to use the net proceeds to acquire more bitcoins. In the early morning of the 21st Beijing time, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor said on Twitter that he recently participated in discussing the migration of value storage functions from gold to bonds to stocks and then to Bitcoin. He believes that gold is an outdated elitist, and Bitcoin is equal, progressive, and is the ever-expanding hot cryptographic core on the currency planet.

On the 19th, the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, stated that he plans to purchase cryptocurrencies in person this week, and he is considering a currency combination that includes Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. Since the recent market situation is better, he hopes to start buying as soon as possible. He also expressed his intention to buy cryptocurrency now in part to commemorate Bitcoin’s recent breakthrough of the $50,000 mark. Earlier, the Mayor of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez proposed a resolution that would allow municipal workers to choose whether to use Bitcoin to collect part or all of their wages. Francis Suare believes that Tesla’s investment in Bitcoin worth $1.5 billion is only the beginning of Bitcoin’s widespread adoption, and it is only part of the transition from the crypto world to mainstream culture. According to the mayor, more groundbreaking events will happen next, which may change the cryptocurrency industry forever. He believes that there will still be two or three major events. Suarez specifically pointed out that an important US government stimulus plan may have an impact on cryptocurrencies. Suarez said that it is estimated that the plan may create 40% of all existing U.S. dollars and may cause inflation, which in turn will drive people into the cryptocurrency field. In addition, Suarez believes that if Amazon starts to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method, it will completely change the status quo.

On the 20th, in response to the Bitcoin market value exceeding $1 trillion, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse posted on Twitter that the total market value of cryptocurrencies was only $1 billion less than 10 years ago. In my opinion, we will inevitably see this day. But it is worth noting that it did not even take ten years to achieve. I am more optimistic about the next 10 years.

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